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Friday, June 08, 2007

types of fish


Read this about fishing Fresh water fishing in British Columbia

Author: Sammy Salmon
With all the fresh water body's in BC you will find a unforgettable sports fishing experience. The majority of the lakes and rivers or streams have a good stock of fish for you to catch. From trout , kokanee, Dolly Varden to white fish and many other fish species you will be hard pressed not to catch some type of fish. The northern lakes and interior lakes to the streams on Vancouver Island all have a good selection of healthy fish. You will not be disappointed buy fishing in BC. During the fall months you can fish for sea-run steelheads and sockeye , Chinook and coho salmon. If you are fishing in the interior spring trout fishing starts as soon as the ice leaves the lakes or rivers. The fast fighting fish will be a challenge for all anglers young and old. Some of the lake or streams never freeze up so you will be able to fish all year long. Ice fishing is a very popular in the areas that freeze up. Be sure to check with local guides for the best places to fish or what fish are available in the area you are in. The regulations may vary from area to area so be sure you have the right license and get a guide to sport fishing in BC. The most popular fish in BC are rainbow trout, you will find these fish ranging from one pound up to 35 plus pounds on some of the lakes. If you like an acrobatic fish known around the world for its jumping ability and antics to lose the hook you will find the Kamloops rainbow trout is a extremely challenging fish. A very sturdy exciting battling fish is the steelhead trout. This searun trout will give you the fight of the day. With sizes from 6.5 pounds up to 22 pounds plus this fish will give you a run for your money. Cutthroat and rainbow Trout are two species native to the coastal and interior of the province. They are smaller that there cousin the brown trout but are fun and exciting to catch. The Brown trout are limited to Vancouver Island but do get up to 13 pounds. And can be found in the lakes and river's for the island. Dolly Varden, char, bull trout lake trout and brook trout can all be caught in BC Char will have a litter colored spots on a darker body that trout. Dolly varden can be caught in many lakes in the interior and along the shore line while fishing for coastal cutthroat and rainbow trout. A land locked salmon known as kokanee are found in the fresh water through out the province they will can be found in the same waters as the rainbow trout. If you like to fish or one of the last remaining dinosaurs from the Jurassic period then sturgeon may be the fish you are going to get. These are the largest fresh water fish on the north American continent. The size and strength of these fish will more that play you out it is known to clear the water in a explosive and dramatic jumps that will startle you even if you know it can jump. Other fish caught in BC are bass, mountain white fish, lake white fish, northern pike, crappie, perch , goldeye but to name a few. No matter what fish you are trying to catch be sure to check out local regulations be for you start fishing all persons fishing in B C need a licenses. Keep on casting and you will be rewarded with many hours of fishing fun. Article Source : http://www.articledashboard.com Sammy Salmon has been having fun fishing for years and wants to share all his knowledge with you so be sure to visit him at Fishing-For-Fun ...

A fishing to look at

The World Top Water Fishing Champion

The World Top Water Fishing Champion

I was fishing a small lake in central California back in 1980, I think it was that year. I had been fishing for a couple of hours and doing ok, catching some 1-2 pound fish and in a far distance I could see this ...

Author: Charles E. White

Fish Better With The Right Fishing Gear

There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than spending an entire day fishing without catching any fish. I finally discovered this truth after way too many days spent fishing without results. I never really thought about the fishing gear I was using an ...

Author: Hallidae Thomason -

Bass Fishing At Night - An Effective Way To Fish

The classic image of bass fishing is lazing in a rowboat in the middle of a lake on a sunny afternoon. However, some smart bass enthusiasts have discovered that the best way to get great bass during the summertime months is by fishing in the dead of night ...

Author: Gray Rollins -

My favourite fishing post

Daimon Lures Pro Series Weighted Tube Hooks

Daimon Lures Pro Series Weighted Tube Hooks is one of many products in the LandBigFish.com fishing tackle and outdoors store.

Price: 4.49

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